"FO" in Tebet Utara

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distro-12aJAKARTA (Pos Kota) - Change the environment in this region is very striking because almost all the places to stay along Jl. North and dam Tebet Barat, Jaksel became much like a business place in Bandung Ciampelas area.
Warga Jakarta certainly no stranger to Warung Tegal Warmo who was standing about 30 years more on the edge of West Street in Tabet with diverse food with typical prices of Tegal or cheap.
Warung Tegal never Warmo always quiet especially during the opening hours of a full 24-hour visit and is always busy citizens of Jakarta. Especially the young subjects in the former 1980's and 1990's. Existence became one of the favorites to visit during the night until early morning.
The presence Ginyo Restaurant, Ayam Bakar Mas Mono, Burger D'John, Comic Cafe, Goat Bakar Madu, Soto Kudus, Meatballs Ceker Bandung, Soto Gebrak, until Meatballs Tukul surely become a new attraction in this area.
In fact, the most prominent and developed in North Tebet emergence Factory Outlet (FOR), similar or Jalan Dago Ciampelas in Bandung, which began bustling.
Yudi, residents Tebet Utara, said the beginning of the FOR was none other than stores that sell clothing Endoors remaining exports. Then popping like mushrooms. The result was that the area where the clock time or evening meal and night, will be found congestion and vehicle lines.
The presence of flats (flats) and housing Tebet Tebet Mas come to support the development of this region. Including development around Greater Ros Field. All kinds of food available, the food Sundanese, Javanese, Makassar, until the Arabs. Continue to Kampung Melayu, a variety of satay can be found, plus Kebab Shoot and Meatballs.
The existence of temp [at education as SMA N 8 Bukit Duri, SMP N 3 Manggarai, 115 Junior Field Ros N, SMA N 26 Tebet and SD Slamet Riyadi and a number of primary schools in the region N is also a supporter of the development of Tebet area.
Camat Djayadi Tebet, acknowledged that the area was later continued Tebet good clean environment, health and development in the region.
"We do all the time to monitor and oversee these areas first because the latter often complained about congestion and queues during peak hours of work," he said. "Congestion is mainly due to the location where the business does not have the means visitor or guest parking should be adequate."
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Attend Tabligh Akbar "Rasulullah SAW Assembly", Day Date Saturday October 31, 2009, in AR MUSHOLAH ROHMAH (21:00 to 23:00), Gg.IV climbs Jl.Bukit thorn Bukit Duri, Tebet, Jakarta - Selatan. Followed By Visiting Kubro.Konvoi gathered at the mosque Almunawar Ba'da Berjamaah.Jama Isha Prayer 'ah Convoys are encouraged to use the helmet and cross-Order Passes. Banners are visible on the street KH. Abdullah Syafi'ie, Tebet. Road users in the hope to order through this taklim area! God willing, will be attended Al Habib bin Fuad Al Munzir Musawa and other Ulama & Habaib. wish this event run smoothly and bring peace in Tebet in particular

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Monday dhuhur 7 H Rabiul early 1428 to coincide with the March 26, 2007 has passed away into a Teacher Honor Rahmatullah, Assayyid Al Habib Abdurrahman bin Ahmad Assegaf, a supervisor of the day and night watching the sublime morality and reason pekertinya, famous with gentle temper, renowned in khusyu ' his, famous with its hospitality by all societies, poor people, rich people, traders, farmers, kyais, scholars, officials, and even lay people who still have not received any guidance witnessed the glory of his character and kindness, vol, famous with the breadth science, professor for the Kyai and jurists in Indonesia, not political, noon and evening worship, the house is madrasahnya, eating and drinking is always with his guest, his father and mother to thousands of students.

Teacher Honor yesterday has passed away to Rahmatullah, dihantar by crying tears of pecintanya, Heaven and Earth wept for his loss, as the Word of God Almighty when he told the demise of pharaonic and army: "And It is not heaven and earth weep for their death" (QS Addukhaan -- 29), raises the meaning of this verse that mourned the death of the Righteous by the heavens and the Earth.

Goodbye our precious teacher, farewell, O our role models, may also wafatmu a blessing for us as the hadith of the Prophet: "My life is a blessing and wafatku for you", I hope this noble teacher's death has caused the emergence of a new spirit of thousands of Muslims Moslem inhabitants, Subhanallah.

As the Prophet: "The Righteous died and died, like the pulp waste tersisalah flour, which God did not care any more what happened to them" (al-Saheeh), which meant the death of her territory and clerical righteous person, but people no one continue and there are no new seeds that continue the struggle, then God does not care about anything that happened to them, whether the disaster, or other natural disasters. So hopefully this glorious demise became a teacher because the rise of a new spirit for the Muslims, Moslem, and facilitate the struggle of the preachers and the heir of the Prophet to be increasingly burdened with an increasingly heavy burden.

Dishalatkan his corpse in south Jakarta Bukit Duri Ba'da dhuhur, then carried to the Kp Lelongok (his birthplace) in Pond Bogor West Java, and dishalatkan second time in the mosque and the Dome of the Pond bogor disana.Selamat buried our way, O's father.

source: http://www.majelisrasulullah.org/index.php

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Once when I was in high school, about 89-90 years, gw ama bang Hakim (brother gw) sempet come to learn Arabic with almaghfurlah deceased child, namely Habib 'Alwi bin Ahmad bin Abdul Rahman Chrysophyllum kecik Assagaf in Bukit Duri Tebet. May the Almighty accept all Alloh deceased charitable and forgive all mistakes. Amien

indosiar.com, Bogor - Bogor City community activity, West Java, yesterday (Tuesday, 27/3/2007) disrupted. Almost paralyzed the city center, due to breakdown of the toll roads as hundreds of thousands of Muslims as Jabodetabek, rain pouring into the city to accompany the large body of scholars Habib Abdulrahman bin Ahmad Assegaf, the last resort in the TPU Lolongok, Pond South Bogor, West Java.

Unrest could color the funeral procession. Bier the body can not be removed from the ambulance car for an hour, due to the mass density. Walls of the mosque collapsed as the train kept surging masses to kiss and touch the coffin. Tears of grief and prayers accompany the funeral echoed descendant of the Prophet Muhammad to 35, who died diusia to 105 this year.

Bogor like a white sea flooded yesterday. Events procession of mourners clad in white and white berpeci this, quite rare. Clerics who still has a Muslim boarding Jabbul in Bukit Duri, Tebet, South Jakarta, known not charge a fee, to study him. Habib, who has a strong network with the Islamic government of this world, instead of providing development funds to almost all boarding schools in Greater Jakarta.
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Pain When Breastfeeding? Set Position Baby!

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A mother is required to give exclusive breastfeeding to the baby. Not only because breastfeeding is nature as a woman and mother, but also because milk is very important for the growth, health, and infant development. If the pain arises, set the position of the baby.

Milk (breast milk) is the best baby food, especially in infants younger than six months. Breast milk contains all the nutrients and fluids needed to meet all the nutrition a baby in the first six months of life. No carbohydrates in breast milk, vitamins, minerals, fat, long bonds, proteins, and substances or liquids to live like human growth hormone, enzyme absorption, as well as antibodies. For this reason, a mother is required to always give milk.

"WHO recommendations, exclusive breastfeeding (really just milk with no water or anything else) for 6 months. After that, start to have food and continued breastfeeding up to 2 years more," said Dr. Dian Nurcahyati Basuki, IBCLC of Lactation Center Indonesia (SELASI), Jl. 1F No.12 North Tebet, South Jakarta.

Factor Cause

The problem often arises in the breast pain during breastfeeding. Perhaps because of this pain also the many women who refuse to breastfeed their babies as often as possible. Some even choose to dot. The question is, why can arise pain? According to Dr. Dian, there are two reasons why the pain often occur during breastfeeding, the baby's position is wrong attach and position the baby is not correct at the time of breastfeeding.

First, the position to attach a nursing baby. "Signs of the correct attachment of the first, the position of most of the areola or breast prop (black area of the nipple, red) and breast tissue located underneath the baby's mouth. At least not at the bottom of the mouth more than the top," said Dr. Dian.

Second, the baby's lips should be wide enough. When viewed from the side, mouth open more than 90 degrees and the baby's lips look "Dower". Third, the baby's mouth is open wide enough. Fourth, stick the baby's chin or attached to the breast. "And fifth, the baby's cheeks look sunken because the baby is not feeding at the breast and not on the nipple," explained Dr. Dian.

In addition to sticking position that is not true, the pain arises also because the baby's position is not correct at the time of breastfeeding. Keep in mind, a good position during feeding became standard. First, the position of the head, ears, body, and the baby's arms should be straight and allow the baby to nurse longer. Baby's face from the direction of the breast facing down and his nose against the nipple. Principally, chin to breats, chest to chest (chin to the breast, chest to chest).

Furthermore, the baby's body close to the mother. Baby's body should be fully supported, if the newborn. The position of the head did not fit in the elbow, but in the mid-arm. "The position of the mother holding the baby with the position long enough, and properly so that the baby is not sore and adhesions that had to be not true," continued the doctor Dian.

Once again, the correct position of the baby is from the bottom, then the baby's nose opposite the nipple. Baby's chin is the first part attached to the breast as a meeting point. After that, the nipple is directed upward, ie toward the ceiling until the baby with the nipple in an area no bones, between the pharynx and the soft base of the tongue. Only a third nipple or a quarter of the "dot length" which is formed from the breast tissue.

Pain Reduction

There are several ways to reduce breast pain. The first way is to keep breastfeeding, even painful. If the pain was disturbing, first squeeze the milk from the affected breast. Do not let breast swelling and inflammation eventually because there is no milk issued. So, should regularly emptied.

If the later occurs in the breast lightly scuffed, no nothing. Breast milk itself may accelerate healing. Way, take out a little and spread to around the nipple. "Or it could also compress the breast to the pain," added Dr. Dian.

If there is more severe cases, it is necessary to lactation consultation. For example, in cases such as the anatomy of the baby's mouth with his tongue stuck out of the heart because the end could not get out. These conditions and cause blisters. "Cases like this require consulting assistance," said Dr. Dian Rahmi.
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Intimate organ Hundred Healthy with The woman's

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Beauty really complex. Not only beautiful from the outside, but also from within. Exactly, beauty intimate organ. To take care of this beauty in many ways taken. One of them with hundred female ancient China. This treatment technique using a mixture of spices a secret option that women are naturally formulated. How does this technique hundred womanhood? How much benefit for the beauty of intimate organs?

Beauty within is essential for every woman, especially those that already have a partner. Beauty and hygiene intimate organs must remain guarded. Moreover, the location of hidden organs more intimate and more difficult to observe in person by a woman. Therefore, special care is needed. Treatment aims to keep the organ clean and natural moisture.

Engineering Hundred Kewanitaan

Hundred female is a therapy to treat sex with fogging organs directly into the female sex organs. "The aim is that female sex organs become gummy, fragrant, smooth, pulse, and power grip strength," said Maria Sailendra, alternative beauty experts who opened the practice in Jalan Tebet Utara Dalam No.. 30 and Road Kertanegara No. 37 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, and in 5 major cities in Indonesia since 10 years ago.

Hundred female is an ancient method of Bamboo Curtain country. Unlike the sex organs and spa hundred vagina in general, hundreds of ancient China this should only be performed by adult women who have married or have given birth. Why? Since labor can lead to weakened pelvic floor muscles. This is what makes the muscles become flabby sex organs. With cocktail spices diasapkan, such as cinnamon, jasmine, and other spices, hundred of China are able to tighten the muscles in the walls of intimate organs so that the muscles are re-tighten and narrow.

This traditional treatment begins with washing the organs involved with a special potion flower water. After that followed by curing for 15 minutes. If organ intimate problems, the effect is felt the patient. And usually will dilakuan washing twice. After fumigation, Totok dilakuan therapy on the muscles around the stomach to tighten the muscles in the female organs. Then this process is completed with the assistance of prana which is owned by a therapist.

There are no restrictions in terms of food after this treatment. Which should not be a berhubungnan sex. At least the time required for intimate organs can no longer be used for sex is two days. This aims to benefit hundreds of China can actually be obtained first by the patient.

Objectives and Benefits

According to some obstetrician, hundreds of ancient China femininity has the benefit of scientific and not forbidden to do. She said that no side effects will occur due to China this hundred. Especially because the tools and materials used come from natural and good for health.

Several hundred female benefits of ancient China, among others, to prevent mildew. Mushroom loved places damp. Fungus is one of the causes of vaginal discharge. And Candida albicans is one type of fungus normally found in female sex organs. This fungus will multiply until the amount exceeds the limit, if the conditions change sex organs.

Glutton fungus Candida including glucose. If an increase in blood sugar levels, candida to grow out of control. This fungus is also easy to grow wild in the last trimester of pregnancy, or urinating or having sex. With a hundred, the growth of this fungus can be prevented. The smoke from the spices that are used to kill fungus.

Smoke is also able to clean the mucus in her intimate organ. That way, the organ will close intimate and narrow. Another benefit is the blood flow. Blood vessels around the intimate organs will become more broadly by fumigation. If the blood flow smoothly, the muscles in the walls will be relaxed intimate organs. "This is what makes the grip muscles become stronger," continued Maria.
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Modern Minimalist Residential ala Benny Contoh

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STYLISH and inspire modern Beni Simanjuntak, to build a dream house. In fact, after materialize, the house owner example of this Management awarded. How can it be like?

Being in the middle of the city, precisely in the region in Tebet Utara, Jakarta, Benny Simanjuntak, SH, or known as the Beni Example founded a stylish housing. With the concept of the modern minimalist trends, making the manager's house a few artists of this capital city had earned a runner-up the best house of the year 2007 version of one of the tabloid in Indonesia.

As someone who was always struggling with the world keartisan, normal if Benny makes a house a stylish character as well as stylish. Look at the facade berluas house 180 square meters of land, the use of ornaments and architectural design of modern-style pure minimalist. If most people combine a style with other styles, Benny claimed to prefer only one style that is modern minimalist.

To get into the living room, previously had to climb a few steps first. With a typical minimalist fence near the front door, guests will immediately feel the comfort while in the living room.

"It seems this room for guests formal, but it is my formal invite to the reception room on the third floor, we'll see," said the owner of this Management Example.

Greg is space is not too large, but very high ceiling. This is due to the position in space between floors one and two. From this room going through a ladder again with bamboo plants artificial partition to get to the next room.

Residential area 660 square meter building has four floors. The floors have their respective functions. Specifically to the first floor garage, kitchen, wet, and some of the servants who have their own access. Second floor as the main pantry area, guest room, and gym.

Exercise room was directly above the garage with a full glass openings and has a slope jutting out.

Gym is designed blue. Own guest bedroom adjacent to the gym and once again only limited openings filled with glass cover. The kitchen is minimalist with a typical wall coloring is the favorite Benny, namely green, orange, and blue. Colors are in harmony with the kitchen set is specially designed.

From this exercise room will find the access stairs to the first floor and three. On the third floor will be found in the family room is also a reception room. This area is divided into two, between the TV and minibar area with a curtain partition. From this room will be found in Jonathan's room or Ijonk Frizzy, who is also the nephew of the artist. Also on this floor there are three main rooms Benny.

The house was built in 2002 has four floors. Benny's room is made of two floors with a single access from the family room. Benny room parallel to the third floor is an area walk in closet. In this room arrangement custom cabinets. Cabinets placed on the left and right of the room. While in the other corner is turned toward the stairs to the bed and the bathroom.

Benny bed is also specially ordered to match the room area. Of bed could see straight down because it is limited only by a curtain. In this room there is also a television with a large size and a small television that is designed to hang on it. There is also a music player when turned on will make a sound from the speakers that are in every corner of the house. In the other corner is a bathroom with bath and shower up completely coated marble. While access to vacancies in the bathroom is filled with dressing table.

Same with the minibar, walk in closet, and bathroom, three of the rooms in the front of the house. Therefore there is an opening from the ceiling full glass to the floor.

"So if the note from fasadnya, nearly all glass," said the man was born December 27. Even so, it does not mean transparent, game closing the curtains or ornaments from the outside that makes camouflage look gives the effect of relief but still private.
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