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Dai Young from Bukit Duri

He is still young, but the pace of propaganda Segaf Sayid Umar bin Abdurahman bin Assegaf from Bukit Duri has been accepted by many Muslims, especially from among young people
Dai-looking face and see this young age, 23 years, but the spirit of propaganda is very high. Not shrink from it directly down to intruksi or even do work for children students memakmurkan Majlis taklim. The atmosphere of togetherness and solidarity in the midst of creating more vibrant Jamaah jamaahnya for more active in memakmurkan chamber taklim Mahabatus Shalihin that he has already established more than five years ago.
Start taklim Majlis is the place to gather friends around of the Bukit Duri. Also happens, a lot of friends who mengaji to abahnya, Habib Umar bin Abdurahaman Assegaf. Not surprising if jamaahnya reach thousands at this time and the average follow taklimnya is from the young people.
Her example of a young missionary Bukit Duri small since this has been educated in the religious environment that is loaded. Abahnya, Habib Umar bin Abdurrahman Assegaf is Pondok Pesantren leaders and Majlis Talim Al-Kifahi Atsaqafi and the grandfather, Sayidil Walid Habib Abdurahman Assegaf (alm) is a leader taklim spiritualsanity Majlis al-Islamiyah. "I know science nahwu, sharaf, and science paramasastra the other direction to the study (Habib Umar) and grandfather (Habib Abdurrahman)."
-Kendalanya constraints faced at this time according to him a lot of libel-slander that is not true, and the provocation that led to him. "While we may not fight in the way that God does not have the stones pitched. Habib Abdullah bin Alwi Al-Haddad said, 'settle its situation on a ruling that impossible.' So impossible situation that someone lives there is not always smooth obstacles. "
Dakwah challenge, he realized that right in the propaganda that will surely face difficulties that both small and big problems will waylay. Because he tried minimizing the difficulties, making it easier to maintain in a propaganda tract. "To minimize the difficulties, we are the first steps with taqarub ilallah, and Ridha requested from the teachers."
He was pleased that a lot of experience and lead the Majlis during Mahabatus Shalihin. "The spirit of the Jamaah many young people in the sciences, Syiar, taklim and religious events, that made me enthusiastic for Majlis run again this forward."
Eldest son of Habib Umar bin Abdurrahman Assegaf also teach fiqh books, mysticism. Books that are taught in majlisnya among others; Risalatul Muawanah, Risalatul Mudzakarah, aba Wasoya lil abna, abail li adna, Ayuhal Walad, Ushuil Fiqhiyah, An-Nashoih Dinniyah and Akhlaq lil banin. About the lessons given to Jamaah, he tried to follow what is said by Sayidah Fatimah Az-Zahra bint Rasulullah SAW, 'tempatkanlah people understand the value of each'. Based on that advice, he tried to apply the subjects of the study and the book based on the ability of the revenues from jamaahnya the average age is still around the 15-25 year. In theory it is not also a few old people who participate taklim with Habib Segaf.
Likewise pace of Habib propaganda Segaf, young, handsome and intelligent. He's studying at the Madrasah Al-Islamiyah Tsagofah is built by Habib Abdurahman Assegaf and also follow taklim Al-Kifahi Atsaqafy built by the father until the year 2003. Release study with Her grandfather and father, he tabarrukan continue for about one year in the Tarim Ribath, Hasan Habib asy-Syatiri. He studied with Hasan Habib Syatiri-asy, asy-Habib Salim Syatiri, Habib Abdullah bin Alwi bin Muhammad bin Syahab. "I'm in the Tarim at the time did not focus on taklim, but tabaruk (take blessings). Prioritize when I was looking for keberkahan. "
After about a year bertabarukan in Tarim, in 2004 he returned back to Indonesia to continue to learn Habib Umar and Habib Abdurrahman Assegaf. Pandanga against his father, "Walid was a father, my father who is very firm in educating children. Up-to not shrink from giving a warning loud and also provide motivation in the science of the spirit of religion. The era of school, he also did not follow the extra-curricular and others but focus on religious studies. The reason is because religion should be number one. "
Meanwhile, Habib Abdurrahman met with each frequently instruct, "Segaf Yes, you want to select so pietist or ignorant (stupid). If you want to be ente pietist, you must learn to serious."

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