Condolence Habib Abdurrahman Assegaf

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The die was Walid

Monday afternoon, 26 March 2007, coinciding with the 7 Rabi `ul-Awwal 1428 H, Jakarta gray sky. Pukul 12:45 WIB, Muslims Jakarta shaken by the news his death Al-Allamah Al-Arif Billah Al-Habib Abdurrahman bin Ahmad Assegaf age in about 100 years.

Just about a week before the homecoming Walid, Habib Abdurrahman bin Ahmad Assegaf, the family Habib Ali get a phone call from Hadramaut, where there is a theologian who lived in the Tarim, Hadhramaut, namely Habib Abdullah bin Alwi bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Syihabuddin in a chamber in which attend many people, he said, "I dreamed of Rasulullah SAW, face such as face Habib Abdurrahman bin Ahmad Assegaf. Please know the love of her children Habib Abdurrahman bin Ahmad Assegaf, I am very pleased to know and love this good news on the people to Indonesia. "
Hear news from the Hadhramaut, the family, such as Habib Abdurrahman Assegaf get akan marks the departure of Walid. The whole family was in a short time, all trying to be gathered. And what has been feared far that day, finally arrived.
Monday afternoon, 26 March 2007, coinciding with the 7 Rabi `ul-Awwal 1428 H, Jakarta gray sky. Pukul 12:45 WIB, Muslims Jakarta shaken by the news his death Al-Allamah Al-Arif Billah Al-Habib Abdurrahman bin Ahmad Assegaf age in about 100 years.
That day, news of his death leading scholars of very beloved Jakarta is dominated discussion via phone and SMS. In almost at the same time, mosques also announced his death the Walid, while reading Surah Al-Fatihah. Muslims Jakarta truly sorrow and loss, and left to go elders panutannya.
Remains a big science scholars, akhlaq, and very istiqamahnya be admired that, be buried in front of the house, room, right in the secretariat spiritualsanity Islamiyyah Yayasan Madrasah, located in Jl turtledove no 273, Puteran Bukit Duri, Tebet, South Jakarta. Tahlil and sentence reading Al-Qur'an resonates throughout the day Monday to Jelang pemakamannya on Tuesday. A marquee can not afford to continue jama'ah the vessel came surging flood, they are willing to sit with mats or cardboard be used along the way to the deceased residence.
Since the beginning, the family has been estimated that the penakziah came akan continue until night, even the next day. Therefore decided, ba'da funeral will be conducted at the Funeral dzuhur village Lalongok, Kramat dam, Bogor, no other opportunity to give to all who want to release pelayat pullout Walid the last time.
Because many pelayat very, reaching tens of thousands of people who have come since news of the newspaper Walid died, the family is only five per mempersilahkan Jamaah habaib and to contemplate the face-Walid. Practical, to make this procession queue length and milling around the house from Monday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon.
Can be spelled out, all reputable scholars and habib se-Jabodetabek bertakziah to attend, even students from the various corners of the Walid also present. Not only that, guests from abroad also participated bertakziah, such as from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi and others.
Officials and former state bertakziah also appear in the residence of the deceased, such as on Tuesday morning, Drs. H. Surya Darma Ali (minister of cooperatives and middle), H. Fauzi Bowo (Wagub DKI Jakarta), H. Hamzah Haz (former Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia) and others.
Tuesday (27 / 3) Right at 10:00, and after the corpse dimandikan the family to release the last house in the middle of the deceased are closed. New at 11:45, Walid corpse was brought to the outside for dishalatkan.
The event was opened with a greeting from the family the deceased, who was represented by Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman Assegaf. With a sad tone, nurse Assembly Taklim Al-'Afaf revealed that thanks to the implementation of the funeral the deceased. Next, Habib Ali said virtue-virtue deceased. "He was longing to the Prophet SAW. He ungkapkan nostalgia is in the form of Syariat-Syariat him, "he said.
Tens of thousands who stood pelayat thrust that began sesenggukan as compassionate. Moreover, when Habib Ali, who spoke on behalf of the family Walid, appear with the ringing sound that vibrates occasionally holding haru. Habib in Jakarta was told about the signs akan pullout departed.
Habib Ali ago continue on a deep sense of loss over the pullout Walid. "On this day we do not come in the days ago, come on, he does not speak to. We keep the orphans, but this time we became orphans, "said Habib Ali. Some of the more hysterical audiences, and even settle there until the crying.
"Walid is the pullout diramal far day," the first Umimu will die in Allah SWT, after that my new, "said Walid. And benarlah, Hj Ibunda Barkah (the wife of Walid) die had about seven months ago, precisely on 26 July 2006. In addition, information Habib Ali, al-Walid also said the family, 'I went home on Monday, you know your brothers'. "
Exactly at twelve noon, bones start with the priest dishalatkan Habib Abdul Qadir bin Muhammad Al-Hadad (Al-Hawi, Condet). Accidental time on the same day, law of Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman Assegaf, namely Syarifah Syarifah Rugayah Habib bint Muhammad bin Ali Al-Attas also died and took dishalatkan with the act of prayer as the priest of Habib Abdurrahman bin sheik Alattas.
After prayer by Habib Abdullah bin Hamid Al-Kaff, accompaniment accompaniment corpse-moving out of the residence and was stopped at the mosque Jami Al-Makmur, Bukit Duri, Tebet to clay and then back to the priest dishalatkan Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman Assegaf and prayer Dzuhur congregation.
Around 13:00 o'clock convoy carrying the corpse began to move towards the Bogor Pancoran and go through the toll dam. Thousands of two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheel drive cars appear to accompany ambulan bring clay, it appears menyemut pack up to 10 kilometers of roads.
Around 15:30 o'clock corpse be buried back in the Masjid An-Nur, Kramat dam, Bogor. Release of new diberangkatkan corpse to the village cemetery Lolongok which is located about one kilometer to the north tomb complex Kramat dam.
Represent sahibul stanza, Abdullah bin Hamid Habib Assegaf provide taushiah, "Truly, we together have lost a great theologian. Indeed have been suppressed, the great lights in the city of Jakarta, "he said.
Luckily, he added, for students who already draw on the science of the deceased. Remember the message is always late, I often hear in the event Haul, 'If I die, send perbanyaklah Fatihah for me.' So let in the reading-Fatihah Fatihah usual we read, kirimkanlah for the deceased.
Around 17:00 o'clock, the funeral procession Walid followed by approximately one hundred thousand muhibbin it ended already. In fact many of Jamaah detained outside the tomb complex, because kendaraannya can not enter and they willing to wait outside the complex remote cemetery. Jakarta again lost a great theologian.

Overview Walid
Habib Abdurrahman ulet is a personal and heartfelt. Born in Cimanggu, Bogor, 98 years ago, he was the son of Habib Abdul Qadir bin Ahmad Assegaf. Ayahandanya already died when he was still small. But, the condition is not a hindrance for him to enterprising learning.
Once in the education of Jamiat Al-Khair, Jakarta, the very small concern, as it told her son, Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman. "Walid is the person who can not afford. In fact, he once said, 'Perhaps of all the orphans, the poorest is me. Lebaran time, children wear slippers or shoes, but I do not have shoes, especially sandals. No sleep in the school. But, the difficulty is not as snappy menyurutkannya to learn. "
While still studying at the Jamiat al-Khair, performance is very bright. He always occupied the first rank. Good value, akhlaqnya example be friends. To claim knowledge of a theologian, he was not reluctant to do with digging through a journey of tens of kilometers.
"Walid is the science of hunting is very hard. He was able to walk for kilometers berkilo-Habib embankment to learn, "said Habib Ali. Habib dam is the name for the familiar (the deceased) Habib Abdullah bin Muchsin Alatas, a theologian who is very distinguished older person in the dam area, Bogor.
Besides Habib dam, teachers Habib Abdurrahman are the other Thahir Habib Alwi bin Alhadad (mufti Johor, Malaysia), Habib Alwi bin Muhammad bin Thahir Alhadad, Habib Husein bin Ali Alatas (bungur, Jakarta), Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman Alhabsyi (Kwitang , Jakarta), KH Mahmud (Betawi great scholars), and Prof.. Abdullah bin Nuh (Bogor).
During the study, Habib Abdurrahman very industrious and diligent, albeit not too smart. That is, he is able to absorb the knowledge of the teachers taught. Ketekunannya the extraordinary mengantarnya all the science of religion. Ability of any mengantarnya become the author and orator you a. He not only is the Arabic language, but also Sundanese and Javanese fine.
Habib Abdurrahman disayang not just by the teacher, but more than that, he was student pride. He is the only student who is the Arabic grammar, science, the tool should be used to understand the scriptures, commonly called a classic "yellow book". The teachers encourage the students who refer others to the understanding of Habib Abdurrahman which is based on precise understanding of grammar.
After the turn-age adults, Habib Abdurrahman trust as a teacher in madrasahnya. This is where talent and desires to teach the up. He spends time to teach. And terrible, Habib Abdurrahman piawai was not only in religious sciences, but also even more precisely to teach or practice fields of the others, to train groups such as music (from flute to trumpet), drum band, even a line-rows.
Later, Seeing the experience of a long, he also founded its own madrasah, Tsaqafah Islamiyyah Madrasah, which till now still exist in Bukit Duri, Jakarta. As a special madrasah, until now Tsaqafah Islamiyyah never refers to the curriculum set by the government, they implement their own curriculum. Here, students are smart and quick jump to the science classroom.
Education that may not be separated from Habib Abdurrahman, almost the entire period of his life he baktikan for education. He was a sincere teacher. Besides a lot of experience, and education in kreativitasnya also remarkable, even world wide. Especially with the educators, scholars and people in Jakarta.
In his family alone, Habib Abdurrahman considered by children as a father figure that is consistent in discipline and educate children. He always emphasized the child to master bebagai disciplines, and requires knowledge of many teachers. For, who has knowledge can not be inherited.
"He was consistent and firm in educating children. He also emphasized that not meningalkan property as inheritance for their children. He only encourage their children that love science and love of education. He would like us to consistently teach, so he forbade us involved with political affairs and the mundane issues, such as trade, pilgrimage to open bureaus, and sebaginya. So, although not large, so ... slightly more children can be taught, "said Habib Umar merendah. Habib Umar already own learning berceramah since primary school age.

Overall Ulama
Habib Abdurrahman, son and daughter have 22 people, but that until now have nine people, five sons and three daughters. Terrible, ninth child was a patriarch and theologian influential in the community. They are Muhammad Habib, pesantrennya lead in the area Ceger; Habib Ali, led the Assembly Taklim Al-Affaf in Tebet area; Habib Alwi, led the Assembly in Taklim Zaadul Muslim Bukitduri; Habib Umar, led the Assembly and Taklim Pesantren Al-Kifahi Ats-Tsaqafi in Bukitduri; Habib and Abu Bakr, led the Pesantren al-Busyo in Citayam. Jamaah number of them, thousands of people. Meanwhile, the three also have a daughter Jamaah own. Sub-hanallah ....
Scholars as a very pious old, he and a patriarch. Also worthy diteladani. Kegigihannya not only in teaching, but also productivity in composing the book. Book fruit of his work is not a kind of religious knowledge, but also covers a wide range of knowledge. Start from the nation, commentary, akhlaq, fiqih, to literature. Not only in Arabic, but also in Malay and Sunda written with Arabic letters - known as the ox or the letter pegon.
Book of his work, among others, Hilyatul Janan fi Hadyil Quran, Syafinatus Said, Misbahuz Zaman, Bun-yatul Umahat, Fruit and Delima. Unfortunately, tens of printed paper that only a limited number of, and are only used for the interests of students and santri Madrasah Tsaqafah Islamiyyah.

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