Board publicity scattered along Jalan Tebet Utara Dalam, South Jakarta. Although the effort was filled, the area was indeed a residential area.

CHANGES in the way of running fast Tebet Timur Dalam, Tebet, South Jakarta last three years. Along with its improved economic conditions this country, the settlements that changed the face of so nongkrong (hang out) and young adolescents rich. Houses also changed so catenarian distro (distribution outlet), café, restaurant, salon and spa.

According to Martin Sunu, managers and owners and distributions Bloop Endorse, of 32 houses along the road approximately 300 meters, the remaining four are still living a home. Meanwhile, according to Alexander Mulyoto, one of the shareholders Ginyo Bebek, market price of land in the area was increased fourfold, from Rp 2.5 million meters per year 2005 to almost Rp 10 million now.

Already have at least eight distro (although more like a boutique appearance), dozens of cafes and restaurants, as well as a number of salon / spa in the area. Some of the houses being renovated, and knows what kind of business that will appear again.

Types of food options available in the area vary from the boiled noodles, toast, meat ball, duck, soto, until a sandwich, burger, kebab, and Turkey. Price ranges from thousands eat up to thirty thousands rupiah per share. Distros offer various models of t-shirt, hat, jacket, trousers, blue jeans, and women's clothing. Perpotongnya price of between Rp 100,000 to Rp 200,000-an. Not excessive if it is said, Tebet Utara has reincarnate so tourist destination and culinary shopping.

Afternoon distribution and until the night places to eat full visitor. Peak crowd going at the weekend. The visitors generally teenagers and young people, some still with the school uniform. They come berombongan using private cars. Street was so jammed. Distributions and places to eat is not able to accommodate vehicles of the visitors. A number of eating places do not even have a parking place.

A number of places to eat have outdoor areas adjacent to the road. The atmosphere feels relaxed. Unfortunately, its streets are often jammed, smoke can interfere with the comfort of the vehicle.

Initially in the area, precisely at the curb on the side of the SMPN 115, there are only a small shop and toast noodles called Wafa Haji Mansyur'99 owned the famous among young people. Public is operating since 1982 and began in 2001 open 24 hours. "Nongkrong in Wafa," so said a number of teenagers about four years ago.

Wafa'99 still stand, many, and remain in the pavement. Price rousing eat cheap, an average of Rp 7,000.

The area was starting a new twist in 2003, when Martin Sunu (29) pioneer of the distribution business name Bloop. Martin sells local goods produced in a limited number of very affordable. He rented a house. That location was selected because many schools around the place and the course. Market segment who want disasar the teenagers and young people. He distronya open the wordiness and in fact get a warm welcome.

Success with the distribution of the first dozen starts with the collection of t-shirt, Martin ago opened one in the street and given the name Endorse. Businesses thrive. From fashion, Martin got the full endorsement of his family away to the food business. Ago he and his family and open a Burger DeJones Bebek Ginyo. DeJones day after day dijubeli young people, while a restaurant Bebek Ginyo young children and young families.

Martin successfully attract other capital owners. Business partners that Martin is a supplier for Bloop Endorse and then opened its own distribution in the area. Employers salon / spa and food also appear.

Mulyoto Alexander said, as the growth area as a place of business, land prices soaring. "In 2005, when we buy land here, the price is Rp 2.5 million per meter. Now the market is around Rp 10 million, "said Mulyoto.

Residential Area
Tebet area as a whole is growing center. Tebet which originally is a relocation of the victim so that Senayan gusuran in the year 1959 and the early 1960s because it was built in the Senayan sports stadium (Gelora Bung Karno), now a place of business and hang-out children and young people office.

Places to eat and various other types of businesses appear in between the houses. Changes in the area held fast since the monetary crisis in 1998, when many companies have it in the Golden Triangle area of Sudirman, Thamrin and Kuningan terlilit the crisis. Companies not able to pay the rent office in the Golden Triangle area leer ago Tebet area.

But capital flows are flooding the Tebet. Changes that accompany the flow of capital that comes into a number of spatial rules. Tebet Utara area is, for example, although the plateau distribution and has a restaurant, the area was indeed a residential area. Based on the Detailed Spatial Plan Area District in 2005 is valid up to now, allotment area for amenities with the homeless. That is, the area is a residential area, not a place for business or commercial.

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government seems close eye on irregularities that occur. Consequently, homes continue to change the face of business and so it seems it will not be restrained.

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